legs legs legs + toddler

Are you ready for a killer leg workout?? I did this workout and by the end my legs were ready to give in. Today was a day I didn't really feel like working out, but I took my own advice and put on my gym clothes and instantly felt like going to the gym. I filmed this a little later on when my husband was home but I did this as part of my workout earlier in the day. Its even more fun when Eden joins in, it acts as a distraction form the pain (and sometimes an excuse to pause hehe). Whether you decide to do it alone or with a mini person, you will love your legs afterwards!


Do 60 seconds of each exercise, complete each exercise back to back with very little/no pausing. REST for 60 seconds then repeat 4 times through (total time 20 mins). Now who doesn't have 20 mins to fit into their day right??

  1. Get Up/Kneel Down (keep low)
  2. Bridge (Hip Thrusts if you are pregnant)
  3. Forward/Backward shuffle (I should have been lower, but keep low)
  4. Frog Squat Jump back (avoid if pregnant or have Diastasis Recti, stick to a squat with pulse at the bottom)
  5. 60 seconds REST

Please remember to get clearance and consult with a medical professional before commencing a workout regime