align your spine - check your alignment

Regardless of if you are a new or a seasoned mum, alignment is such an important factor in your health and well-being. When you carry a child for 9 months the core and pelvis go through significant changes and they don’t necessarily spring back to the way they were, especially if you are breast feeding. Poor alignment and posture can lead to a variety issues including back pain, pelvic pain, urinary incontinence/leaking, hip and knee pain and neck ache. So my advice to you is CHECK YOUR ALIGNMENT!!

What is good alignment?

The BEST alignment to provide strength and support to your body and its systems is ribs over hips. This means don’t round your shoulders, don’t stick out your chest and don’t stick out or tuck under your bum.

Take a picture of yourself in tight clothes or underwear to see how you compare. Look out for the pointers above to see if you need to work on your alignment.


When you are breastfeeding you tend to be in a constant rounded shoulder position. If your baby is anything like my daughter Eden, they feed every 2 hours and you could be in that position for 30 mins or longer. That is a long time out of your day. The best thing to do is make sure you are seated and supported as best you can be to prevent a slumped/rounded position. If you already notice you tend to round your shoulders you can make some adjustments to help bring them back to an optimal position. Start off with some chest stretches like a standing wall stretch or a seated chest stretch. Strengthen your upper back with a resistance band. You can so back rows and back fly with a band or with dumbbells if you have them.


After carrying a baby for nine long months your abdominal muscles weaken and can cause your lower back and hip flexors to tighten causing your body to compensate for this adjustment. In doing so you tend to sick out your butt, drop your hips down and lift your chest. This puts a lot of pressure on your back and pelvic floor. To help realign you will need to stretch out your hip flexors with a kneeling lunge stretch, foam roll your hip flexors (or use a tennis ball to release some pressure). Strengthen your glutes using a glute bridge so you don’t activate your hip flexors too much.


I see a lot of this at the gym when I see people at the top of their squats. Over activating the glutes and forcing a squeeze at the top. There is also a lot of bum tucking when we carry our children on the front of our body. When we push our hips forward we create tension in our pelvis and pelvic floor causing the muscles to tighten. Pay attention when exercising and carrying your child not to do this and focus on keeping your hips in a neutral position (under the ribs). Strengthen your lower back with superman or baby cobra and stretch out your glutes with a pretzel stretch (or figure 4 stretch).


To reconnect with your core and alignment it takes practice and constant reminders, along with learning how to breathe properly and deep into your pelvis. Check in your alignment throughout the day and take a new picture every two weeks.

To breath efficiently follow these steps;

·         Sit on a chair and pull the flesh from under you so you feel your sit bones directly under you.

·         Make sure you are in good alignment with your ribcage directly on top of your hips.

·         Place one hand on your belly and the other on your ribs.

·         On your inhale breath, breathe into your ribs, belly and pelvis. Imagine your rib cage inflating, your hip bones getting wider apart and your pelvic floor softening.

·          As you exhale, feel your belly move in and your belly button rising up towards your ribs. Feel as you scoop up your pelvic floor, tighten your abdominal muscles and blow the air out through pursed lips.

Learning how to effectively breathe is the first step to connect with your core and ensure proper alignment is kept. Remember postpartum fitness is NOT a race. Slow and steady will ensure lasting positive results.

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Enjoy fellow mamas, stay healthy!

Please remember to consult with a medical professional before entering into a new workout regime.

no time? no excuse!

A common complaint I hear again and again is "I have no time to exercise" and it saddens me that many women think you need to spend hours at the gym to get the body you want. The quickest way to get results is with an in home workout!! First off I want to say YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL just the way you are. A healthy body begins with SELF LOVE! Secondly, you DON'T need to spend hours every week at the gym to change your body. Yes it takes effort and yes it takes motivation and yet is takes time, but if you learn tricks to include exercise in your day to day life you are half way there. Now it doesn't JUST take these methods to trim up and lose the baby weight.....but it sure helps.

So listen closely to some of my simple rules to follow so you can begin too see the results you crave with your very own in home workout.

1. Brushing your teeth....That's two minutes where you can't do anything else (unless you're really good at one handed tasks) For these two minutes (and my electric tooth brush times me) try to do as many squats as you can. You can change it up each time, one day you can do regular squats, the next day you might do a sumo squat. If you get really good, use the bath tub and do split squats with one foot on the tub!

2. Unloading the dishwasher...Next time why not try doing a wall sit against the kitchen cabinets. Load up the dishes on your knees to add weight as you go along. You can also lunge, squat, lateral leg raises or even butt kicks as you unload. 

3. Walking up stairs....I seem to go up and down stairs all day. I forget things ALL the time so I end up doing the stairs way more than before I had kiddies. Why not try running up and down twice (takes just as long as walking up once), squat on each step, skip a step and add a knee up, side step up or if you don't have pelvic floor issues or Diastasis Recti...try jump squats up the steps.

4. Bath time....Another moment in time when you have nothing else you can do. Its easier to do this with toddlers and older children as they can sit up, wash themselves and spends MOST of the time playing! Add a few exercises into you routine. I like push ups on the bath tub, plank on the bath tub, mountain climb and plank rotations! All while trying not the get wet.

5. Sweeping the floor/vacuum cleaning...Put your back into this one. You can pick any traveling movement for this. Lunge, side step squat, jump, butt kicks and lateral leg abductions. 

Now most of you are probably thinking...."this woman is crazy!" as if I have the energy to add these to my already exhausting day! Dont worry, I like to introduce exercise little by little. Don't try to do these ALL in one day, you are more likely to fail if you do. Pick one to try out first, then another week add a second and so on. A healthy body is all about your lifestyle, not a fad diet or a quick 30 day challenge. 

Happy workouts mamas, don't give up!!

Please remember to consult with a medical professional before entering into a new workout regime.