Useful Links

Below you will find an array of useful information and people who I love and trust in the healing of postpartum bodies. Look at their info and peruse their sites in order to help you heal.


Guelph Women Health Associates.

Janet - A wonderful Physiotherapist specializing in women health, urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse and pelvic pain. Click on the image for a direct link.

Dynamic Motion Physiotherapy.

Jennifer McKay - Another wonderful Physiotherapist specializing in women health, Her areas of special interest include foot/ankle and sacro-illiac joint (SI joint) Click on the image for a direct link.


Jessie Mundell - Click Here

A leader in postpartum training. She has a wonderful blog with so many tips to help you recover well.


Bellies Inc - Click Here

A leading provider of information and education for pregnant and postpartum women. As well as a leader in education for the personal trainer. If you train women at ANY phase in their life, I urge you to take their course.


The Bellies Inc AB System

The Ab System is the ultimate postpartum recovery solution. It provides gentle support for use throughout the day and during exercise. Along with the correct exercises it will aid in the healing of abdominal separation.


Learn from the best - online theory

Before you can take the FULL course, an online theory exam must be completed. follow the link below to purchase the online theory course. Even if you don't want to become qualified from Bellies Inc, the online course is very helpful in understanding the human body postpartum.

Live - 2 Day Core Confidence Specialist Course - Toronto Nov 18/19 2017

Bellies Inc really excels in postpartum recovery and training. Do you work with mamas? Do you feel like you aren't providing the service you should? If you want to learn from the best, then this is the course for you!! Personal trainer, Chiropractor, Physiotherapist, Doula or midwife it doesn't matter, lets all work together to help moms recover the way they should.


Looking for some Free workouts? Click here for Postpartum or Click Here for Pregnancy