Pregnancy was relatively easy but labor and recovery was where my challenges began. Follow along to discover how I faced these challenges and what I learned to help YOU!



OWNER, Personal Trainer & Class Instructor

Early on in life I found a passion for sport, health and fitness. My father was a marathon runner, Physical Education teacher and an all-round sport enthusiast it was hard not to get involved at an early age. Growing up I was never a confident child and I struggled with confidence my whole life. The only place I truly felt myself was when I was doing gymnastics or running the track, focusing on the next competition. I climbed the competitive ladder, unfortunately injury struck AGAIN and AGAIN and I was unable to keep on top. This however, did not dampen my passion for fitness and health.

I graduated from the University of Liverpool John Moore’s (England) with a Bachelor degree in Sports Development with Physical Education. After graduating I decided to take a year off school and traveled the world where I met my husband Brandon, who brought me to where I live now, Canada.

I first Lived in Mississauga and worked in a ladies only gym as a personal trainer. I met a multitude of wonderful women and helped change many lives along the way. Coaching women through pregnancy and post pregnancy goals was what I LOVED!! I later decided to return to school and studied at the Canadian School for Natural Nutrition and became a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. Upon graduation I decided to found my own business, Fit & Eats. 

Shortly after finishing school I became pregnant with my beautiful Daughter Eden. Which all lead to ME helping YOU recover from your birth and pregnancy.